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When producing magnesia carbon bricks, what are the requirements for its raw materials, binders and additives? (1) Magnesia requires high Mg content (about 96%), particle bulk density greater than 3.5g/cm3, CaO/Si O2>2, Fe2O3<1, porosity as far as possible, less than 3%, and the crystal size Big

What impact does the quality of refractory materials have on steel smelting?In the process of steel smelting, if the refractory lining is continuously eroded by molten steel and enters the molten steel, it will have a certain impact on the quality of molten steel. The main manifestations are as foll

Refractories are one of the indispensable basic materials in the iron and steel industry. Without refractories, steel smelting is impossible. The amount of refractory materials used in the iron and steel industry accounts for about 70% of the total output of refractory materials; similarly, without

YRT has its own rich magnesite ore and flotation plant, light burned magnesia, sintered magnesia, fused magnesia, refractory bricks (magnesia carbon brick; alumina magnesia carbon brick, etc.) 
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