Environment-friendly water free tap-hole clay
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Environment-friendly water free tap-hole clay

Environment-friendly water free tap-hole clay


The environmentally friendly iron hole-producing clay developed by YRT is made of high-quality Al2O3-SiC-C materials, such as white corundum alumina, mullite, coke, silicon carbide and silicon nitride, etc., and is specially customized according to the different needs of different customers to help customers get a safer production environment, smoother production operation and a longer service life. YRT's environmentally friendly waterless mud has advanced process and stable quality, easy to block / open, has good wear resistance and environmental protection,



First-class environmentally friendly products. The content of benzo (a) end is even lower than the European environmental standards. It has good performance and no smoke and no smell during the use of iron plants.

Good application properties. YRT's environmentally friendly bubbly mud has good plasticity, is easy to install and open, and the drilling time is less than 5 minutes. It can ensure the depth of the tap hole without splashing.

Good wear / corrosion resistance. During tapping, the flow rate of the molten iron is stable, and the tapping hole wears slowly. In the 5250m3 blast furnace, 310 minutes of continuous tapping can be achieved.


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YRT has its own rich magnesite ore and flotation plant, light burned magnesia, sintered magnesia, fused magnesia, refractory bricks (magnesia carbon brick; alumina magnesia carbon brick, etc.) 
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